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As a home seller, we know that you need the best service from the beginning of the listing through the end of the closing and beyond. You can expect the very best from our exceptional real estate team. Below, you'll notice that we offer extremely competitive services, often offering much more than the competition!


Market Analysis

Convenient Showing Requests

Showing Surveys

Open Houses and Licensee Open Houses


Additional Services Available for Additional Cost



First and foremost, it's important to understand that different offices and even different licensees within an organization offer different levels of representation. Your level of representation matters! During your very first meeting, your licensee should explain how/if they are currently representing you, what duties they owe you, and have you sign an Alaska Real Estate Disclosure. Typically, most home sellers, at initial listing, are working with their licensee as a Designated License. Throughout the listing process your degree of representation has potential to change, be sure to understand what duties are owed to you throughout the evolving real estate transaction.

1.Specific Assistance- YOU ARE NOT REPRESENTED

The beginning of each real estate encounter begins with Specific Assistance until you choose representation. This is typically the licensee responding to your request for information. Just like representation, there are important facts about Specific Assistance which are also outlined on the AREC Disclosure. A critical fact to remember is that information you provide the licensee is not confidential.


A neutral licensee is working for consumers on both sides of the transaction, but not representing either consumer. However, if the consumers authorize, the licensee may offer professional advice and assist both parties in reaching agreements.

In this situation, there are 10 specific duties the licensee owes the consumer. These duties are explained in detail on the AREC Disclosure, but be sure to note that #10 is the only duty that differs from the duties as a Representative. 

3.Designated License- YOU ARE REPRESENTED

In this situation, the licensee represents you and you alone in the transaction. You receive all duties owed through representation, as shown on the AREC Disclosure. Remember: There may be a licensee from the same office as your designated licensee assisting the other side of the transaction, but this may differ from office to office.

Refer to this helpful blog post to always understand your level of representation.


Market Analysis:

A market analysis the process of determining current market value for a property. The licensee will evaluate properties comparable to your home, guiding you to an appropriate pricing strategy for current market conditions. It is important to note, a market analysis is not an appraisal, and cannot be used to determine the actual value of your home. Interested in having a licensee complete a market analysis for your home? Start here.


Convenient Showing Requests:

For our technology loving clients, we offer a time saving program allowing you to confirm appointments with the simple touch of a button via text message or email. This way, you’ll never have to forget about a scheduled showing, you can just refer to your message history.

For those of you looking for a more traditional approach, we still offer phone calls directly from our friendly staff for the scheduling of appointments.


Showing Surveys:

We want you to have feedback about your property! Our surveys ask other licensees if their clients liked your home, what their client felt could have been improved, and gauge the interest of everyone walking through your door! Each time your property is shown, we request showing feedback from the showing licensee. We continue to request feedback for at least three days after the showing, so you have as much information as possible. If you like instantaneous results, we'll email you the feedback as soon as we have it.


Open Houses and Licensee Open Houses:

Open houses and licensee open houses are not appropriate for all properties. In the age of instantaneous information, most prospects find information about a property online and consult with an agent to schedule showings, making open houses more obsolete each year.

If an open house has been deemed appropriate, the licensee will set a time or times to open your property to the public. Before the open house, you can expect our licensees to advertise in the MLS, social media platforms, and other appropriate places to get the word out about your property. During the open house, the licensee will be present to answer any questions that an attendee may have about your property. After the open house, the licensee will share any feedback with you.

Licensee open houses are a specialized way of advertising a property where the listing licensee invites all other licensees into the property for a single group showing. During a licensee open house, the listing licensee will highlight the best features of the home and request feedback from other licensees. Ideally, while a licensee is at the open, they will be considering which of their clients would be a good fit for the property.


Using targeted paid and unpaid ads, we spread the word to those most interested in purchasing your property. As a business, RE/MAX of Kodiak and all our agents have full access to the Alaska Multiple Listing Service (MLS), one of the most reliable services used to spread the word about your property. You can also expect your property to be available throughout the world on RE/MAX websites. Additionally, we have syndication with both Zillow and Trulia, expanding your properties reach even further! 

In this day in time, social media is too powerful to ignore, therefore we embrace it! Throughout the home selling process, your home is likely to be featured on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and additional appropriate platforms. Our in-house marketing specialist, is an expert at creating original content, developing engaging dialog surrounding your property, and analyzing and interpreting digital metrics for an extensive overall marketing impact.


Additional Services Available for Additional Cost:

- Professional Photography

- Virtual Walk-Through Tours

- Newspaper Advertisements



At RE/MAX of Kodiak we believe in Honesty & Integrity... It's That Simple!  Care for both our buyers and sellers in the Kodiak Island Borough area is critical, because no real estate transaction is alike. 

We pride ourselves on offering invaluable information and resources to prepare you for your future purchase or sale.  When you're ready for your next step in home ownership, think RE/MAX of Kodiak, and contact us!


Paula was very helpful from start to finish. She took the time to review our home well before we decided to sell with recommendations on improvements. David N
Sarah was absolutely amazing! We heard from everyone how stressful it is to buy a home but she made it easy! She was friendly, knowledgeable and very professional. I would 100% recommend her to anyone and everyone! Lu
Paula and Sarah were great. Sarah always took time to answer any and all of my questions. As stressful as home buying or selling can be, I would definitely come to Sarah in the future due to how easy she made this process for me. John L.
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