6 Reasons Anyone with VA Benefits Should be Using A MRP Certified Real Estate Agent!

Recently our very own agent Sarah Wainscott became certified as a Military Relocation Professional (MRP). MRP’s are real estate licensees specifically educated to specialize in all aspects of military relocation. They are trained to understand the jargon so important within your livelihood!

Being a military spouse herself and serving a military community, Sarah understands the importance of having someone who understands the complexity of military moves and challenges military families face. For this reason, she set out to gain more knowledge around the intricacies of military moves and lending options available to these clients.

If you’ve never experienced a PCS move yourself, but lived near a military community, then chances are you’ve probably had a friend or acquaintance who’s gone through the relocation process. These military members and families often have a short time frame to decide what housing options they have, whether it’s best to rent or buy/sell or rent, house hunt, secure lending, and then gather all the necessary documents and information to make it happen. We all know that moving can be a difficult and stressful process even without a time constraint. Additionally, many times only one spouse is available to view homes, work with lending, and make all the necessary arrangements. This may be a result of deployment, both spouses being located at different duty locations, or boot camp/ training. These are just a few variables military clients endure, and when you factor them in it can enhance sensitivity and emotions.

So, how can your MRP help you and your family through your next move? With an understanding of relocation procedures and processes, as well as military markets, your MRP can help formulate strategies to determine the best service offerings available to your family. In addition they can:

  1. Guide you through the rent or buy, sell or rent decision making process
  2. Pinpoint and deliver services, as well as support to help you sell or select and purchase the home that fits your family’s needs and wants
  3. Lead you through the real estate transaction and relocation process beginning to end
  4. Connect you with lenders who offer VA and other competitive financing options
  5. Help you understand the basics of VA financing
  6. Be a sensitive and supportive advocate you can rely on through the process


When you work with a real estate professional who is MRP certified, you have someone who will make the relocation process faster, easier and less stressful. Whether you are an active duty or prior military member your MRP agent can provide you with the best housing options, and help you take full advantage of all the benefits and support available. We here at RE/MAX of Kodiak are excited to be able to offer you this level of service through our agent Sarah Wainscott. To all of our military clients and families, we’d like to invite you to reach out. We’re here for you and truly look forward to making your next transfer as simple and enjoyable as possible.